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Laraine is a fantastic teacher, able to make complex, new ideas easily understandable, ensuring that one develops not only an understanding of theory but the reasoning behind it. I was lucky enough to be taught by Laraine throughout my years at high school, from year 7 to 10. Her passion for the whole subject area has led to me having a passion for applied mathematics as I now study to become a Civil Engineer

Robert, April 2016

Laraine has been such an amazing tutor to me - I would never have done as well in my GCSEs as I did without her! I definitely recommend Laraine's teaching to anyone who is finding maths difficult, or is struggling with their confidence. She is so patient and thorough, and takes the time to make sure you fully understand everything. She even manages to make algebra fun! Thank you so much Laraine, you are an excellent tutor!

Emily, now Year 12, September 2015

Fantastic tutor, very professional yet friendly and relaxing approach. Flexible and helpful with regards to lessons. Would highly recommend to anyone of any age or level. Laraine helped me achieve my dream and will do so for many others, excellent exam preparation and advice! FANTASTIC

Lee, aged 24, trainee firefighter, November 2013

From F to A in six months. Thank you!

Karl, mature student aged 36, September 2013

I was a first year student and found maths unexpectedly included in my degree programme. Having little understanding of the module I went to Laraine for help. Despite Laraine herself having never specifically taught the material I was studying before, she was very helpful and put in a lot of effort to make sure that I understood and was able to successfully work with the necessary material. Laraine was good at explaining problems in a simple and clear manner which helped me to successfully understand and get a good grasp of the problems at hand. Without her tutoring I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve a first (72%) in that module. Laraine is a happy and helpful individual who is certainly a great tutor!

Sean, Reading University, September 2013

With maths GCSEs looming, and finding my son ill-prepared to take them despite all his years of maths classes at school, I was fortunate to find Laraine's card in my local farm shop. My son and I both recognise that without Laraine's tutoring he would have failed his maths but instead he gained respectable grades which have enabled him to stay at school to do his A Levels. From the very start Laraine was able to target and address very efficiently all the aspects of maths my son had not been able to understand or grasp before. I was very impressed by the little laminated cards she gave him throughout his time with her, to remind him at a glance how to tackle these. He put them up in his room and looked at them every day. Laraine found early on that my son lacked many of the basics of maths, yet after a few weeks of her inspired tuition he felt confident enough to take his maths GCSEs without anxiety because she had capably and efficiently filled in the blanks in his knowledge of the subject. I would recommend Laraine as a maths tutor for anyone experiencing difficulty in this subject.

Rosanne, Health Professional, August 2013

Laraine was able to explain maths to me in a way that was understandable and, more importantly, memorable. She helped me achieve a maths GCSE result two grades higher than I was expecting. It's so important to find a tutor who understands how to make the complex appear simple, and Laraine did just that. A first-rate maths tutor!

Jane Mann, Publisher

Laraine Hake was my teacher for maths GCSE. Her enthusiasm for maths knows no bounds. She is very patient and her ability to explain things over and over again in different ways is invaluable. Laraine makes maths fun, interesting and not at all scary! There were lots of maths success stories in my class; all thanks to Laraine.

Dr Brigitte Korstanje-Scott, Freelance Medical Writer, MarYas Editorial Services

I was a pupil in Mrs Hakes maths class at high school in years 10 and 11. I believe she is a fantastic teacher. She’d make me feel at ease to ask for help and always have the patience and clear guidance to answer and explain things I didn’t understand, however long it took. She would even help of a lunch time if I needed extra help and was struggling with a homework task or revision. Though maths was not my strongest subject with her teaching and encouragement I began to enjoy maths was able to achieve above my target grade and get an A at GCSE.

Charlotte, Roehampton University, studying creative writing and english.

I first met Laraine when I applied to join the SCITT teacher training scheme in Suffolk. Immediately I had confidence that I was dealing with an outstanding teacher. Her ability to make you feel at ease, even when you are completely out of depth, is a major strength. Throughout training, her knowledge of the maths curriculum and variety of resources enabled me to develop my skills and to have the confidence to try 'something new' in the classroom. Laraine is a superb listener and is always there for advice, even though she has now officially retired from SCITT. I will always be grateful to Laraine for the support she gave me and the confidence she has instilled in me throughout my career.

Michaela, Assistant Head of Maths faculty, Stoke High School, Ipswich